It’s official, Spring is here!

The weather is amazing, and all predictions are it’s going to be a fabulous summer. Many of you are getting out in the garden. Local farmers markets are opening up for the season.

It’s time to get my bike out. I love the amazing trail systems in the Tri-Cities…especially riding along the river dikes. It connects me to myself and my community. Check out the links below for some local inspirations.

On a real estate note…there has been a lot in the media about “shadow flipping” and the real estate market over all. Most realtors take their profession very seriously, and we pride ourselves in our integrity and the services we provide. Assignment of contracts, which the media has renamed to shadow flipping, is something that can be necessary. Some people purchase properties, and before completion, their situations change. People move; jobs transfer; children are conceived….and this can have an effect on the ability to complete the transaction. Rather than risk default, it is sometimes a better option to assign the contract to someone else. Thank goodness the Real Estate Board and government are stepping in to ensure this is regulated!

If you are wanting to change your situation and make a move…give me a call. I’m happy to provide information and help you along every step of the way.

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