Tips For Selling Your Home


Your home is your biggest asset.  Protect it and capitalize on it!

This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  That’s why it’s crucial to be prepared.  Be in control of your situation and reduce stress by taking into consideration the following:

Why You Are Selling Your Home

Are you upsizing or downsizing?  Want to be closer to schools or work?  In order to get your top dollar, we will evaluate your home’s condition.  Does it need a few renovations or staging?  We will go over your budget and options to get you maximum dollar for minimal work and investment.

Appearances Matter

Clean, clean clean!  This is a great time to start going through things to purge, donate or pack to get ready for your upcoming move.  Repair or replace anything that has the suggestion of moisture problems or has been neglected.  Change those burned out light bulbs!  Things that are old can be overlooked if the home looks cared for.

Pets and Odours

You may be unaware of certain odours in the home.  Pet odours can be a problem.  Another is spicy cooking.  Try and eliminate any smells lingering.  Speaking of pets…make sure they aren’t around when the house is being viewed by potential clients.  Some people are frightened of animals, and it can be traumatizing for your four legged family members as well.

Allow Prospective Buyers to Visualize Themselves in Your Home

The last thing you want prospective buyers to feel when viewing your home is that they may be moving into someone’s life.  Put away the excess knick-knacks and family photos.  A vase of flowers or bowl of fresh fruit can do wonders.  I have a strong design background, and am more than happy to help and make suggestions.  If budget allows…we can bring in a professional stager.

Disclose everything

Nothing is worse than being caught trying to hide something wrong with a home.  When it’s up front, we can come up with solutions on how to minimize things.  If finances or time don’t allow you to solve the situation now…we can get quotes ahead of time to show people we are aware of the problem and reduce any fears.

Try not to show the home vacant

Buyers perceive you NEED to sell.  If they think it’s costing you money to sit vacant, they feel that you’re motivated to sell.  If it is vacant, it may be prudent to bring in some furniture for staging.  This can add warmth, style and often make a home look larger.

Use a professional REALTOR®

As a professional, I can assess your market and neighbourhood to help you sell your home for the best possible price in the shortest amount of time.  As a RE/MAX professional, I have access to the most up to date marketing tools, websites and networks.  We will work together to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.  I am here to take away the fear and stress of selling your home.